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Junior Journalists

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The Junior Journalists are a group of P6 and P7 pupils who write articles about recent events involving Kinnaird or involving pupils of Kinnaird. Kinnaird’s Junior Journalists mainly specialise in sporting events, but we also write articles covering big events in the school. We have a noticeboard in the school where we put our finished articles. We have a meeting every Tuesday lunchtime, where we discuss current events and are assigned articles. We hope that we will keep the legacy of the Junior Journalists, because when the current P6s are P7s, they will have the experience to help the future P6s. We have notebooks, which we use to record our information. We attend events as reporters and photographers, and when we get back we write articles about the event. If a pupil is relevant to an article, we interview them and get their thoughts and opinions. We have deadlines to finish our articles, and we normally get them in on time.

Children in Need

Friday 18th November 2016

In Kinnaird Primary School we love to celebrate special occasions. This week we are celebrating Children In Need. When we have Children in Need we do different things to raise money to give to the Children in Need charity. We do competitions such as a pillow case and duvet cover challenge where we try to get the case on as fast as we can and then all the classes come together and have a competition with the winners from our class. The teachers take part too. We also get dressed up in different costumes and have a great time in our classes with our class mates and our teachers. We love seeing everyone’s different costumes and love getting to know more and more people in our school.

We have other competitions within our class such as book mark decorating and colouring in competitions. At the end of the day before we leave school we take a photograph to remember the Children In Need fun that we have had and we also see how much money we have raised for this remarkable charity. This year we are doing dress your Teddy bear, Pudsey bank [made by the House Captains] and many more activities that are fun and creative.

I had an interview with the House Captains and also the Pupil Council. They are the ones who will be organising our Children In Need this year. We asked them roughly how much we raise each year they said “It is the first year we got an opportunity and we roughly receive about £1000.” We also asked them if they were in charge of Kinnaird’s Children In Need every year they stated “that they’ve only done it this year and they are very excited about this amazing chance.” We asked them what and why they chose this event, they stated “we didn’t get to pick the Children in Need this year but they are over the moon that they got this opportunity for this incredible charity“.

This year we hope to raise a lot of money for this wonderful charity and we hope you have learned more about Kinnaird’s Children In Need.

By Heather

Poppies Of Scotland

Poppies are used to show that we care for each one of the brave soldiers who died for all of us in World War 1 and World War 2. It is now also worn to remember those who died in more recent wars.

The idea of using poppies came from the song ‘The Flanders Fields.’ The poppy is an artificial flower that people have been wearing since 1921.

The remembrance poppy is especially prominent in the UK. In the weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday, they are distributed by The Royal British Legion in return for donations to their "Poppy Appeal", which supports all current and former British military personnel. During this time, all public figures and people appearing on television are expected to wear them, and those who do not have been criticized.

By Sophie